My practice is a continuing exploration of stories, memories, and beliefs that may be held in everyday spaces, people and objects. I often play with found materials and occupied and unoccupied spaces, working to transform the meanings that may be trapped or stuck within. I then weave together old and new materials. Consistently stitch, costume and ceramics. The work then truly finds life, expansion and release through its audience.

My practice in the therapeutic arts feeds into my artistic practice. I am passionate about informal creative facilitation and in awe of people’s surviving capacity for magical thinking, sometimes despite all the odds. I am committed to developing my practice around the concept of art as a source of nourishment, connection, and healing. I believe that art is a necessary part of our everyday lives that our dreams and experiences can be transferred and contained in virtually everything around us; and that an awareness of this is something to nurture, encourage, and celebrate. My work is concerned with personal and universal meanings, often involving the gathering and shuffling of seemingly dissonant pieces. A vital part of this process is a capacity for building a rapport with audiences that will excite meaningful dialogue and questioning.

Selected live Projects: 20212023

‘Divine Headroom‘ live performance for ‘Museum of Rooms’ curated by Ali Darke and Lito Apostolaku at Safehouse Gallery London

‘A Painting Event’ live performance collaboration with Luiza Machado at Electro Studios Project Space St Leonards

CosmiKnot curated by Dr. Mikey Georgeson at Way Out East Gallery London and Platforms Project Athens

‘Apron Strings’ live ceremony and installeation for ‘Textural Contexts’ curated by Joanna McCormick at Corner Gallery London

Sewing Space‘ live performance for ‘Whopping Enigma’ curated by Helen Savage and Abi Stockbridge at HAF Gallery Hastings

‘Bash’ live collaboration with Monika Tobel for ‘CRUNCH‘ curated by Loz Vegas at Electro Studios Project Space St Leonards.

‘Scars’ live performance collaboration with Natalia Zargorska-Thomas at Muse Gallery London

‘Spider, Spider’ for ‘LIMINALITY‘ at Gallery 46 London

‘ The 3 Brigids’ for ‘THE IMMORTAL WEEK‘ at Hoxton Gallery London

‘The Morrigan’ for ‘SUPERNATURAL‘ at Five Years Gallery London

A trilogy of live art exhibitions curated by Kevin Quigley and Shaun McClusky

‘The Mother’ for ‘Mother’s Ruin’ curated by Julia Maddison and Rebekah Dean at The Mill House.

Tangled’ for ‘Domestic Eccentrica‘ Installation and live performance curated by Natalia Zagorska-Thomas at One Paved Court Gallery

Orientation‘ Installation and live performance for ‘Can We Ever Know The Meaning Of These Objects’ curated by Sarah Sparkes and Kevin Quigley at Gallery 46 Whitechapel.

‘Woolgatherer’ Live performance and short film directed by Laura Durward. Baltica online Festival curated by Jude Montague.

‘ Magnificent Tree at Warrior Square Station’ and ‘Woman and Tree’ performance and short film collaboration with Bert Barten for Be-coming Tree A digital space that provides not only opportunities for people to gather and re-establish ancestral connections with trees but also tangible ways to give visibility to artists worldwide and fund tree planting.

‘I’ve Been a Little Unwell Part 3‘ Live performance for ‘Briefly IN TRANSIT‘ curated by Rebekah Dean at Stephens House and Gardens

Selected Exhibitions: 2013 – 2023

‘Girls and Houses’ for ‘Museum of Rooms’ curated by Lito Apostolaku and Ali Darke at Safehouse London

‘It’s coming From Inside’ for ‘Windows and Thresholds’ curated by Sarah Sparkes and Jane Millar at Bell House London

‘Incubate8’ mini-residency curated by Abi Stockbridge and culminating with a live performance at St Andrew’s Mews Gallery Hastings

‘Art Povera’ curated by Lesley White at HAF Gallery Hastings

‘Mother’s Ruin’ installation curated by Julia Maddison and Rebekah Dean at Millhouse London

​‘Mum Before Me’ Live performance and installation curated by Joan Byrne, Phia Goddard and Caroline Wright at Jeanie Avent Gallery London

‘Auguries of Innocence’ for Blakefest/Corona Visions online exhibitions curated by Mikey Georgeson

Q-Park Chinese New Year Open Exhibition curated by Vanya Balogh. Including Year of The Dog ‘Another Fine Mess’, Year of the Cockerel ‘Wishbone Washing line’ and Year of the Pig ‘Bringing Home the Bacon’

Pool’ and ‘I’ve been a Little Unwell’ Part 1 and 2. Live performances and installation. for the Annual Bermondsey Artists Group members Showcase at Southwark Park Galleries. Including.

‘Demon Jellies’, ‘Pickled knittings’, and ‘The Amnionic Goddess’ installation and performance for Chutney Preserves curated by Sarah Sparkes for Camberwell Arts Festival

‘Forgotten Sea Chest’ interactive installation aboard LV21 for Inspiral Weekend Gravesend. Curated by Charlie Fox Gravesend.

Selected curated projects 2017 – 2023:

​‘Mind Your Head’

2017 -2023 Seasonal Art Cabaret with Hosts Calum F Kerr and Caroline Gregory.​ Providing safe space at selected venues and opportunities for artists and musicians to develop new live works and exhibit affordable art. Funded by Arts Council and Capital Community Fund

‘Hell or High Water

2020 A weekend of live art aboard Light Vessel 21 Gravesend. Due to COVID-19 restrictions was adapted into a permanently available digital event available for audiences to experience and explore entirely online! Available at Supported by Arts Council England

‘The Dogon Egg’

2019 Seven experimental weekends over 7 months where artists try out new material that promotes a conversation with residents and gallery visitors. Including ‘An Actual Occasion’ interactive exhibition and silent disco ‘Tomorrow’s Daydream’ three artists make and curate work live in the space. Summer Arts Weekend. 10 artists host ‘Affordable Arts Fair

Other Projects: 2002 – 2014 

The Surgery Projects and Nunhead Annual Open Art Exhibition.

Co-founded The Surgery an artist-led project set up to promote and encourage opportunities for dialogue between artists. The Surgery had use of a shop front gallery space on Evelina Road where over forty events, projects and exhibitions took place. The Surgery established Nunhead Arts Week & founded The Nunhead Open Exhibition ​


Academy of Inner Science

2020 – 2021    

Principles of Collective Trauma Healing.                                                       

 2019 – 2020.   

 Conscious Healing Group Facilitation Training                                                  

SOS International

Somatic Experiencing Practitioners weekend

St Christopher’s Hospice  

Grief Counselling Skills Practitioners Certificate                                               

2011 ​IATE

Adolescent Psychotherapeutic Arts Counselling Diploma

2006 Goldsmiths University

Foundation in Arts Psychotherapy

1991 St Martins School of Art and Design.

BA Hons Fine Art/Sculpture

1988 Wimbledon School of Art.

Art Foundation Studies

Informal arts, therapeutic educational projects:

2017 -2023

‘ArtPlay’ Informal semi-therapeutic creative play sessions for all ages


Cafe Gallery Projects: Arts activity for 9-11-year-olds. In response to Stephen Pippin’s self-balancing pencil 2014 ​ ‘Hungry Ghost Festival’ art activities for 8 -14-year-olds to celebrate Halloween.


South London Gallery ‘At the Moment of Being Heard’ : Arts activities for 14 – 18-year-olds. In response to the SLG exhibition in collaboration with Southwark CAMHS services.


Gallions School. P4C Philosophy For Children permanent installation of outdoor artworks and arts activity leading to the philosophical enquiry led by year 5 and 6 pupils.

2003 – 2013 

Carers Lewisham Young Carers Centre. Planning and delivery of arts activities, clubs, and young people’s arts-based events including annual coordination and delivery of ‘ The Big Draw’

Arts Counselling with children and young adults:

2011 -2023 Private practice

2022 – 2023 Eggtooth freelance Arts Psychotherapist

2009 – 2013​ New Woodlands EBD School. Individual Therapy sessions

2010 – 2013 Abbey Manor College. Individual therapy sessions.

2009 – 2013​ Lewisham Young Carers. Individual sessions.